This is the DEMO System for QuickBus© OFFICE.

The buttons open a video in a new browser screen which can be closed to return here.
The --- buttons open The UserManual in a new browser screen which can be closed to return here.
For an Overview Read --- which provides an overview of Power of the OFFICE.

Information Panel :

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Start your test runs by selecting the Booking Task above. Thanks for visiting.

The Master Menu is available at the top-of-screen at all times.
Click on -Booking- and then -NEW- and follow the steps to ceate your FIRST Booking.
This detailed Information Panel can be switched off using User Parms in Admin.

System Status report for : demo

Visit : Problems/Bugs & Development List for system information.

NOW is : 21:20 Tue 22-Oct-2019 --- User TimeZone set to: Australia/Brisbane

There are NO TICKETING RESERVATIONS at this time. ---

QRS pending approval : 3 Please GoTo : Quotes ---

There are NO Link requests pending acceptance.

There are 47 Address records on file. ---

There are 20 CUSTOMERs on file. ---

There are 5 DRIVERs on file ---

There are 6 Bus records on file. ---

There are 13 BOOKINGS on file. ---

QuoteRequests --- on file ---: 3

There are 81 JOB records for the DailyDiary.

--- Security --- (Level: 3 )

The last SYSTEM BackUp was on 22-10-2019

The last PERIODIC BackUp run was on 22-10-2019

Last login was on 22-10-2019

There are 3 OWNED Vehicles/Buses loaded for demo.

--- User System Usage and Parameter Settings --- for System ID:1

Counters --- QRS: 140 AutoAddress: 168 Login: 417 GoogleMaps: 689

BookingLink, Ticket Reservations and Passenger Management are switched ON.

GST is set as: Not registered for GST = No GST requirements for invoices.
Payment / Accounts is OFF.
(QuickBus© eMail) will display ALL information messages.
NO CCs will be automatically sent to the Admin email.

Your System. .