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1) Close the User Manual pages using the X at topL-of-browser to return here.
2) The -lift- to all floors is at the bottom of the screen.
2) The email options at the bottom of the docs. do not appear on Cust. Copies
3) The blue action buttons DO NOT work on the DOCUMENTS shown as examples.
4) The DEMO System is completely operational except a) NO deletions and b) The Admin Task is not available.

Some of the documents available as a BOOKING is processed:

*** 1 ) The Customer is eMailed a QUOTE for discussion/approval : QUOTE

*** 2 ) The Booking is planned and costed using the ITINERARY : Planning

*** 3 ) Customer/Person-Of-Interest is emailed the ITINERARY: for APPROVAL

*** 4 ) Customer accepts. Booking -CONFIRMED- and JOBs created for DailyDiary / DailyDiary

*** 5 ) From DailyDiary (WorkSheet) a BUS is allocated to JOB using : BUS LIST

*** 6 ) From DailyDiary a DRIVER is allocated to JOB using : DRIVER/SUBBY LIST

*** 7 ) Check Payments Due from Booking Report. eMail to self : CashFlow

*** 8 ) JOB ready to be executed. From DailyDiary the DRIVER is eMailed a : RUNSHEET

*** 9 ) At the same time the Customer (or CLIENT) can be eMailed the : INVOICE

*** 10 ) At any time the Customer can be eMailed a : STATEMENT

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