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Manages QuickBus Business Links and Ticketing.
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These facilities require Custom Code.

a) Caters for other Businesses that are on Quickbus and allows the sharing of resources ( buses and / or drivers ) and b) Caters for WebSites that list a selection of Tours on their home website and links directly into QuickBus to make Bookings on these trips. Including ticketing.

Provides for Route displays on Drivers Mobile.

These facilities require Custom Code.

The ITINERARY TABLES that are loaded into Bookings, structured using the Planning Sheet Facility of QuickBus, are available as part of the RUNSHEETS which can be called up by drivers on their Smartphones. The xyTrack facility is a special App which can be integrated into the GPS of specific Smartphones to provide the driver with driving instructions and the MAP.

About QuickBus :


The system was started in 2001 as an Inhouse Computer System to provide up-to-date information to the Operations Department of a Bus Company in the form of a Daily Diary. This enabled rapid and accurate resolution for the many situations which arise. Particularly with School Routes. QuickBus developed from that system to provide a PAPERLESS OFFICE solution which included the recording of Bookings for Tours, Charters and similar. By disciplining the information gathered QuickBus provides a VERY POWERFUL WorkSheet for Daily Operations as well as Customer Accounting and all required DOCUMENTATION for the OFFICE.

Hard copy is not necessary but can be requested. The system can be operated and referenced via a SmartPhone, Tablet or NoteBook or any device which can run a browser connected to the Internet.

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